Officeworks have compiled our student requirement lists this year. Online ordering and payment through Office Works closes on Feburary 2nd, 2024.

This year Student Workbooks have been included on the Student Requirements List, please make payment direct to Officeworks.


School Charges are for the extra activities that may be offered through the year. These activities are considered School Charges, are linked to the education program and are approved by the Principal. Payment will be requested during the school year when costs and participation by students is confirmed.

Voluntary Contributions
The monies received through Voluntary Contributions are an important part of the school's income stream and contribute directly to benefit the learning of all students, this includes the purchase of equipment and resources to support student learning across all learning areas.  

This year the Voluntary Contributions have been included on the Student Requirements List,  payment can be made direct to Officeworks.

Please see below Charges & Voluntary Contributions and Student Requirements Lists below:

2024 Charges & Voluntary Contributions
High Wycombe Kindy
High Wycombe Pre-primary
High Wycombe Year 1
High Wycombe Year 2
High Wycombe Year 3
High Wycombe Year 4
High Wycombe Year 5
High Wycombe Year 6