Dress Code Policy

This school has adopted the following Dress Code policy, the school council believes a school dress code

  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school
  • Assists in building school and team spirit
  • Ensures students are safely dressed for specific school activities
  • Encourages equity among students
  • Prepares students for high school

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Healthy Food Policy

Schools are required to follow the Healthy Food Guidelines in all situations where food is provided by the school. This includes cooking activities, classroom and whole school rewards, excursions and camps. The school curriculum is an ideal place for teachers to model healthy eating practices and demonstrate how healthy foods can be included in the diet. The use of 'red' foods is not an essential part of the learning program and therefore must not be included in the primary school curriculum.

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Behaviour Plan

Our Plan for Positive Student Behaviour outlines our systems for defining and encouraging expected behaviours, preventing unproductive behaviours and responding to unproductive behaviours. The goal of our plan is for every student at High Wycombe Primary School to receive the support needed to learn and maintain positive behaviour. We are guided by the WA Positive Behaviour Support (WAPBS) school framework. Within this framework we are committed to building a continuum of support for staff and students to enable them to positively demonstrate behaviour expectations. All staff will explicitly teach behaviour expectations and look for ways to positively acknowledge behaviour success.

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Class Placement Policy

High Wycombe Primary School places students into classes based on the professional judgement of staff, with consideration given to students' academic, social and emotional needs. Consideration in the establishment of class structures is based on available resources and forming classes using these resources.

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