About our School

Originally opened in 1961 our school is set in attractive and well maintained grounds with considerable areas for students to explore and play. A brand new Kindergarten and Pre-Primary block was opened in 2021, providing upgraded facilities for our youngest students.

Students have access to specialist teachers in the areas of  The Arts, Physical Education, Languages Other Than English (Italian) and Science. These programs complement the engaging classroom learning across all other areas of the Western Australian Curriculum.

Our school has a diverse student population. We have students from a variety of cultures which adds to the richness of the student population. Our school embraces difference in individuals which is reflected in our whole school practices, including students with a disability.

Our staff consist of a mix of both highly experienced educators as well as those within the early years of their careers. This blend ensures that the staff are always focussed on continual improvement and responsive to change. Many collaborative structures and professional learning opportunities are provided to keep teaching practice at a high level across the school.

As an Independent Public School, we work closely with our school community. Our parents and community members are actively involved through our School Board and also our Parents & Citizens Association. The School Board contributes significantly to our decision making expressing strongly the views of our parents and wider community. Our school is fortunate to have parents and community members that work for and with the school staff to enhance the opportunities for our students.