Business Plan

Our Business Plan sets the direction for High Wycombe Primary School for 2020 – 2022, forming a clear road map to ensure our school continues to provide a strong educational foundation for all students. This plan focuses on five key improvement drivers, which together outline the strategic direction of our school during the three-year cycle. Each of these five improvement drivers are focused on the needs and aspirations of our students, staff and school community.

  1. Pathways for Success: Providing every student with pathways to be successful learners.
  2. Building Capacity: Building the capacity of all staff, whilst strengthening support for teaching and learning excellence in all classrooms.
  3. Fostering Partnerships: Fostering family, community and agency partnerships.
  4. Evidence-Based Decision-making: Using evidence to drive all decision-making.
  5. Social and Emotional Health and Wellbeing: Strengthening the social and emotional wellbeing of all.

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