Students learn Italian from Years 1 - 6, building on previous learning to be able to understand and communicate on a range of topics. They also develop intercultural capabilities and increased understanding of their own language through comparison with another language. The one hour lessons are delivered mostly in the target language (semi-immersion); this increases the students' exposure to the language and improves learning. Lessons are active and fun and learning occurs through songs, rhymes, games, reading and writing tasks, completed individually, in pairs or small groups.

Italian is a well-established program in the school as the language has been taught for nearly three decades, ensuring consistency and continuity of learning for the students. Students are made aware there are pathways in their language learning leading to high school language learning, in particular Kalamunda Senior High School, which is a Lead Language School in WA.

Italian is visible throughout the school with dual language signs. It is promoted with special events like Languages/Multicultural Week which includes a visit from Language teachers from Kalamunda Senior High School, assembly items and participation in the native speaker Language Assistant program.